Staged Listing Photos On MLS®
Produce 75% More Showings

Staging Vacant Homes For Sale:

  • Recommending and arranging for enhancements and repairs such as painting, floor refinishing, plumbing and lighting fixture replacement, landscaping and curb appeal improvements (if necessary)
  • Taking before and after photos, and sharing them with your client (if requested)
  • Spending time evaluating selecting furniture and decorative accessories needed to fit the style of the home and the profile of the target buyer
  • Adding extra accessories such as bedding, throw pillows, towels, decorative objects and some non-original artwork, and delivering these to the property
  • Arranging furniture delivery and properly placing the furniture
  • Placing the accessories and hanging the artwork, unless specifically instructed not to hang anything on the walls
  • Once your property is listed, promoting the listing through social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+)
  • Packing up all rented accessories and supervising the removal of the rental furniture, when the property is sold

Disclosure: The owner of Upstaging Interior Designs is a licensed REALTOR®, therefore invoices contain a non-competition clause.